Dear Client,

Please come and visit our new store:

corner of Wekker Street and devilleBois Marueil Avenue, Moreleta Park.

Contact us for distribution opportunities as well as new retail store opportunities around the country.

Kindly take note that we no longer accept orders via the website but rather whatsapp or email as per the contact us page.


Dear Client. we are no longer delivering so you are welcome to collect from our retail shop location;

Olivewood Shopping Center, corner of Wekker Street and devilleBois Avenue, Moreleta Park.

For queries regarding becoming a distributor, contact Nico on

1. Buy Flattie

Buy Aweh Flattie from our online store. Browse through our dry spiced options and the best of the best, marinades in South Africa. PS! Did you know, we ONLY source from independent producers, all of our products, including our chicks are Halal certified and can be traced from point of origin. BEWARE of cheap imitations.


2. Cook/ Braai/ Airfry Flattie

Start your braai (or heat your oven to 180 degrees if you don’t have a braai). Braai the Flattie for 10 min on each side. If you’re craving a fried chicken with a little less fat, give this a try! You can also use an air fryer, it will be crispy juicy and delicious.

3. Enjoy Flattie

P.S Flatties tastes better when enjoyed with friends and family.



Creamy Yoghurt Peri-Peri
Mozambican Peri-Peri
Worcester Spice